WAKU WAKU - Full movie

WAKU WAKU” is the third movie from Japanese crew Roots 419. Check that out!

From the crew itself: "WAKU WAKU” an onomatopoeia for racing heart and is usually used to describe the feeling of excitement. Our team had lived in Whistler, Canada about 5 years ago and we all got inspired by the people, the culture and the big nature. Our roots is life time in Whistler and never change. Since we came back from Canada, we started filming and making movies. This time, we are about to release our third movie “Roots419”. “419” is the number we cherish. It’s the time we prepare and get excited for the “420”. This time is what we feel “WAKU WAKU” most, gives us the energy and get motivated.

We repeat all these process through the snowboarding and now…took shape as our third movie.

Kenji Igarashi
Kenzo Nosaka
Yuki Arakawa
Yuta Watanabe
Kaito Fujikura

Additional filming.
Indres Formation
Atsushi Nakane 
Makoto Tomiyama
Shikaru Wada
Yuki Murayama

Supported by.

Edited by.
Yuki Arakawa