Fruition premiere in Munich and Oberstdorf

Fruition movie premiere in MUNICH and OBERSTDORF! Next week – Thursday and Friday!

The Life and Dreams of Nicolas Müller - From Competition to Fruition Directed by Martin Luchsinger & Sean Fee

Join Nicolas Müller for the Germany premiere of his film "Fruition". The first stop is on Thursday 15th Dec in Munich.

München Premiere 15.12.2016:

VVK im Santo Loco Shop: 8€

AK ab 19:30 Uhr im Sendlinger Tor Kino Foyer

20:30 Uhr Einlass, Ansprache und Goodie - Verlosung


ab 22:15: Meet & Greet mit Nicolas Müller und Crew im Foyer Sendlinger Tor Kino

More info at the Facebook page:

If you can't make that or you want to watch it again and party some more with Nico then on Friday 16th Dec they will be in Oberstdorf:

Oberstdorf Premiere 16.12.2016

VVK Tickets im Ridersheaven – Sonthofen

KOMBITICKET (Kino+Party) 6€

KINOTICKET (nur Kino) 5€

10.00 Uhr SHRED DAY w/ Nicolas Müller & Friends @ Fellhornbahn

18.00 Uhr DOORS OPEN & meet n greet w/ Nicolas @ Kurfilmtheater

19.00 Uhr GOODIE Verlosung by Ridersheaven


21.00 Uhr AFTERPARTY w/ Nicolas Müller @ Hörbar

More info at the Facebook page:

KOMBITICKET (Kino+Party) 6€
KINOTICKET (nur Kino) 5€
VVK Tickets im Ridersheaven - Sonthofen

About Fruition:
frʊˈɪʃ(Ƨ)n / the realization or fulfillment of a plan or project.
"the apples in the orchards gave a suggestion of sweet fruition”

Fruition is a film about Nicolas Müller, a Swiss Snowboarder, Environmentalist, Traveler and Friend. It is an opportunity to get to know him, what his dreams are and where his intuition takes him. He is an artist and a rebel, striving to act outside of the construct of expectation, competition and fear in a world which usually commands us to confirm and obey.

Filmed around the globe at locations such as Laax, Japan, Canada, India, Alaska, New Zealand and Chile.

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