The Reels Snowboard Film Festival


1 - Object around which lengths of another material are wound for storage.
2 - ELECTR winding of electric wire.
3 - AUDIOV cylinder on which film can be wound. It is traditional to discuss the length of theatrical motion pictures in terms of "reels".

Festival :
An occasion for feasting or celebration. An often regularly recurring program of cultural performances, exhibitions, or competitions: a film festival. A festival is often an occasion when prizes and trophies are awarded.

Everywhere in the world, there are several differents competitions from freeride, slopestyle and superpipe to jibbing. Events such as the Olympic Games, X Games, Dew Tour, Freeride World Tour, US Open or TTR circuit. Snowboarding has been an Olympic sport since 1998, but it seems like its creativity is mostly expressed on the silver screen.

It’s about time for snowboarding to have an international festival to bring together the actors/riders, directors, production companies, the industry and the fans. Inspired by the Cannes Film Festival and the Sundance Festival, «THE REELS» is the one and only film festival dedicated entirely to the world of snowboarding.

Annecy’s largest cinema will host the screenings of the festival. 30+ films presented, with producers and riders attending each screening. The red carpet will be rolled out for all aspects of snowboarding, from freeride to freestyle, backcountry, street… there will be something for everyone! Amateur filmmakers could find their film ‘‘at the top of the bill’’ as well.

The ‘‘OLDIES’’ screen will be showing a retrospective of ‘‘legendary’’ snowboarding movies selected by the president of the jury! Tickets will be available through FNAC,, and directly at the theater, Decavision.

1 screening = 3 movies = 10€ Ticket

September 21-23, 2012
- Snowboarding Film Premieres
- Brand village
- Signing sessions
- Art exhibitions
- Introduction to snowboarding for children under 10
- ‘‘Golden Reels’’ Awards Ceremony
- Concerts and parties