Postland Rail Riots

Montana Snowcenter
Kempervennendreef 4
5563 VB

Everybody knows those banger vids that come out of Montana every now and then. But not a lot of people have actually went there to shred. The 24th of October, Postland is hosting ‘Rail Riots‘, a railbattle in Montana. Here is your opportunity to shred a killer setup with all your friends and the riders featured in Momentum, win some goodies, get fame, and shred yourself a vip spot to the Momentum Premiere. Everybody is welcome, bring friends, family, supporters or carebears, but make sure to attend this fun-inspired hammerfest.

24th of September in Montana Snowcenter (check the map below)

Be there at 14:00
That’s when registration opens, you can start hitting the setup at 15:00 to finetune your moves before the heats start at 16:00.

Damage: 15 Euro’s
That will fully be invested in a new rail for the contest.

Prizes will be given to the best girls, kids and overall winners. That means that in the Finals, all you young and girlie rippers get the chance to knock the mens socks off, without the risk of losing your hard earned goodiepack.

Will you be there?

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