International Snowboard Deaf Championships

The World Snowboard Federation (WSF) would like to invite you to the International Snowboard Deaf Championships to be held in Chiesa Val Malenco, Italy, from 26 to 28 february 2010.

The program includes competitions in slalom, giant slalom, half pipe and, depending on the upcoming inscriptions, Big Air or Slopestyle. Athletes from Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Japan already confirm their partecipation.

Registration form must be sent by e-mail to [email protected] using the application form (downloadable at, not later than 18.00 on February 18, 2010. Registrations must be accompanied the sum of € 12.00 for each competitor for each discipline and € 6.00 for each competitor for up to 14 years completed for each discipline.

Money transfer to Associazione Sportiva Silenziosa Valtellinese:

IBAN: IT60 B 05216 11010 000000057557 / BIC SWIFT BPCVIT2S (Credito Valtellinese - Sondrio)