The Dalikfodda Shithouse Tour 3 - London Stop

So we got some info for the Dalikfodda Shithouse Tour 3 dates. From London, Meribel, to Tignes on the Friday of the X-Games. Come join, bring some terror and help make the place a shithouse!

In honor of the tour they are doing deals on the T-shirts with £2.50 postage anywhere in the world people can pick up a t-shirt from £15 including postage. This is less than a gig ticket would often be!

Get one here-

Thurs 25th Feb, London, Mcbeth,"i heart"
The 1st stop and opener to the ss3 ,and to kick it off weve enrolled are favourite party girls @"i heart" ,the last time we went there it kicked off this time were gonna kick the back doors outta the place,with jettblack headlining and seriuos sam barret supporting its gonna kick ass.check out the "i heart "page for details and all you london dwellers get yourselves there and get loose!

....and remember "Rock on in the free world"!!!