Catching Up with Alek Oestreng

Interview by Theo Acworth

Hey Alek, how’s summer going besides you cracking concrete with your massive treflips?
Well, I guess this summer has been different for everyone. Norway closed down in the beginning of March after COVID-19 hit us, and opened more and more during late spring and early summer. So we have been able to travel around the country and do stuff. Been snowboarding, skating and getting a bit into climbing. Summer so far has been pretty nice. I feel very lucky and thankful for that.

You’ve recently parted ways with long-time sponsor Rome. I know from our conversations during the winter that your approach to snowboarding has been changing over the last few years, is that what prompted the move?
Yes, I have left Rome. I have been riding for them for the past 5 years and it has been a really good time. But, I feel like we have been growing in different directions. I want to spend more time in the mountains splitboarding and searching for good snow and new terrain, while their focus is moving a bit more towards the freestyle side. It’s not like I am going to stop doing tricks or anything, but I just want to have the freedom to progress in whatever way feels natural. I don’t want to keep doing the same over and over just to get paid. But obviously really thankful for all the opportunities and support I have gotten from Rome over the years.

Best memories with the Rome team?
So many good memories! I was on the same team as some of my really good friends, so I guess I was pretty much on a trip with parts of the team almost all the time. I especially enjoyed the trip to Austria in the spring last year, as a big part of the team was there and we just rode the mountain in good weather for a week. That was definitely a highlight.

Are you looking for a new board sponsor, or just keeping things loose and trying a few new shapes?
I am not actively looking for a board sponsor. Guess I’m just going to focus my energy on snowboarding and spend my time riding boards that I like. So many cool boards out there so I’m stoked to try some of them.

How’s your caravan build going?
It’s going good I think. I am actually sitting out on my first little trip with it right now. Still work to be done with the interior, but I am really enjoying the process and not stressing. Going to finish it within the next couple of months so it will be ready for winter.

I know you're planning on launching your own Norwegian based snowboard magazine, how’s planning going for that so far?
I guess it is going. Moving slowly, but at least moving. Definitely a learning process, and it makes you realize how much works goes into just one issue... haha. Much respect to all you guys at Method :)

Happy to hear that what we do is appreciated! What can we expect from you this coming winter?
I haven’t made any big plans yet. I’m just going to ride as much as I can. I honestly feel more motivated than ever. It is a really nice feeling and I am looking forward to winter.

Any closing words for our readers?
Respect and protect mother nature, and go play outside when you can. Hope everyone is staying safe and sane!