Vans Snowboarding Days Ruka

Vans Snowboarding Days Ruka 

These words and photos will be brief, because Vans Snowboarding Days is the sort of event where participation by far outweighs documentation. The few photos I did take were mostly on my phone, and even that spent most of the trip in my pocket, because I don’t like using it and the camera sucks.

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© Theo Acworth Sam Taxwood, The Boot, Fireside 
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© Theo Acworth Bryan Iguchi, Matt Patti, and the sunset that lasts all day.


The simple fact is this - the activities and hospitality that Vans had laid out for us are the sort of things that are difficult to capture while you’re also actively participating in them - i.e the woodland sauna and lake jump, nailing it on snowmobiles, and gang blasting the slopes of Ruka while testing their new boots and riding with the team. I make no apologies for not shooting more, because I had an awesome time from start to finish - which I think was the point of being there.

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© Theo Acworth Snow Monsters, Ruka Peak, and a cloud formation that's apparently rarer than the Northern Lights.


© Theo Acworth Antti Jussila bs 50-50 on the 'Ice-Standard Boot'. It wasn't called that, but I think that's a very clever use of words.


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© Theo Acworth Alek Oestreng, Sparrow Knox, Jake Kuzyk


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© Theo Acworth Kuzyk & Guch


© Theo Acworth Matt Patti & Benny Urban. One designs the boots, the other destroys them. 


© Theo Acworth Guch, Chriso and Enni Rukajärvi lurking in the kitchen.
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© Theo Acworth Will Smith, Sparrow Knox, and Sparrow's foot.



So what did we learn from this event? 

1. Ruka is rad. 

2. Russians are loose and amazing.

3. James North is now taking bookings for freestyle rap gigs. Hold tight! 

4. I need a new phone.

5. The heritage and status of Vans is stronger than ever. From product design, team management, marketing and film making -  they are nailing it across the board. 

Thanks Vans for having us out, and keep your eyes open for what they and their team have got coming up this winter, you won’t be disappointed.

- Theo Acworth


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© Theo Acworth Beer, MC Weighted Blanket, Club Sandwich curated by Matt Georges & Perly