Crunching Numbers with Sparrow Knox

We caught up with Sparrow Knox in England, somewhere near Europe. Whilst on the train back to London, after a quick shred up at the snowdome in Milton Keynes we grilled him for data...

© Matt Georges

What number do you live at in London?


How many brothers and sisters so you have? 

4 brothers, 2 sisters

How many backflips have you shared with an animal?

About 17 attempts with a lizard. So just one? Oh, actually.... [thinking] Na think it was just one.

© Ed Blomfield

How many times have you competed for Great Britain? the Brits? (That's not for Great Britain) ...Oh, none then.

Number of times you been asked; is sparrow your real name?



Sparrow only rides with his initials up top. Japan

How long were you traveling for your loose change trip? 

3 months. 1st Jan to end of April, no... beginning of April. 

Total flights taken on the trip?

13 and missed 1

Louif and Jerome Tanon chilling with the Police that offered them tea and food

Number of times you guys had to pay extra for your luggage by airlines on the trip? 

An infinite amount.

The most you had to pay to get your bags on a flight?

They put all our bags on one scale and we had to hustle a price, cost us 600 euros in total! 

Talking themselves out of trouble in Japan

Days since you last went snowboarding, before tonight?

Ah, I could work that out...[thinking] 67 days. 

Days since you last went skateboarding? 

I went today.

Teaching the local kids in Istanbul