Holy Bowly At Mammoth - Recap & Photos

Words and Photos by Danny Kern.

“The international Gathering of creativity and flow.” 

And that pretty much sums it up…. That’s it. 

Seriously though, homeland diversity was at an all time high this year. Match that up with near-perfect weather conditions and a skate bowl style snow park that you would only dream of and you got yourself an insane week of shredding. 

Berms, banks, boobs, bowls, and lots of bodies. 

Boarders from all over the world made the journey to enjoy the incredible snowscape sculpted once again by Krush Kulesza and his crew of creative minds. The potion consisted of: Canadians, Australians, American’s, Europeans and many Japanese nakamas (homies). Undoubtedly, that’s not all of them either. Public corduroy cruisers were consistently stopping on the sidelines to observe the madness. Jaws were usually dropped, their glacier glasses fixated on flowing snow surfers passing by.


Mark Pinter has a mean method. We like that!


Some moments the park would seem quite and calm and others crazy and confused. The constant flow of riders descending from the top continually fluctuated like sets of waves reaching a shoreline. As the week went on, trending lines began to appear and many would catch on and follow. Some, however avoided ruts and made their own marks with unique lines through the bowls, berms and banks. At the end of each day, three o'clock sharp, was the gathering of Tuffy’s and rakes.

Turn and burn


All that were invited would rake and slip, returning the park to it’s original, pristine condition. Many said that this was the best Holy Bowly that Snowboy has put on in their history. Fun fact Snowboy Productions started in 1997. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that this event continues to get better each and every year. 

Hot laps through the top half of Mammoth Mountains South Park on the way down to the Holy Bowl park. Hard not to smile. Jake Schaible in dat Script tee!
Ever carve your name in a plant before? Yea me neither. Ryan Pluche and Daisuke Watanabe 
Yusuke Toyoma, the worlds 1 and only Deus team snowboarder. His highbacks are made of rubber and his knees might be too. 
Lots of air time to be had, Benny Milam made sure to clock out with plenty of it. 
Flagged Blake Lamb down so he would do this again. He was down. 

Watch the full recap video HERE