Holy Bowly At Mammoth - Video Recap

The seventh year of Snowboy Productions' Holy Bowly was one for the ages. You've read the write up and seen the photos, now here is a fraction of a percentage of a glimpse of what went down over five days in video form at Mammoth Mountain.

So many riders came to shred the creation, here are the riders in order of appearance:

Benny Milam, River Richer, Melissa Ritano, Forest Bailey, Cody Warble, Jacob Krugmire, Ben Bilocq, Timmy Sullivan, Jake Schaible, Justus Hines, Phil Hansen, Terry Kidwell, Cole Linzmeyer, Parker Duke, Chris Roach, Drayden Gardner, JJ Westbury, Johan Nordag, Brian Pracht,Ryan Pluche, Brandon Reis, Zebbe Landmark, Peter Cerulo, Tucker Andrews, Max Warbington, Clayton Millar, Rory Bruder, Boody, Matteo Soltane, Miles Fallon, Shaun Murphy, Amanda Hankison, Darrah Reid-McLean, Nic Heringa, Derek Lemke, Denver Orr, Alex Lopez, Oliver Dixon, Daisuke Watanabe, Yusuke Toyama, Nirvana Ortanez, Dylan Oaktree, Blake Lamb, Kolman LeCroy, Kody Williams, Mike Skiba, Jordan Small and Cooper Whittier.

Filmed by: Ryan Finder, Kyle Schafer, Troy Erickson, Daniel Vega, Marco Morandi, Kyle Greene, Logan Beaulieu

Edited by: Ryan Finder

Thanks to Lib Technologies, Monster Energy and Mammoth Mountain for making it possible.