Moon Park Video Challenge

Introducing the Moon Park Video Challenge hosted by Benny Urban. Dominik Wagner, Kevin Ignacia, Henrik Meyn, Leon Vockensperger and Simon Pircher were each given a whole day at Moon Park to film a 60 second phone clip, and they had to edit and submit it by midnight of the same day. How they filmed and edited was up to them, but within those 60 seconds they also had to complete various challenges. Some of these challenges were mandatory for all riders, while others were more tailored to their specific riding styles and abilities.

Mandatory Challenges:

Film at least one trick on the Red Bull Wall.

Film at least one line.

Do at least one press trick on a rail of their choice.

Do at least one 270 into the Vans Down Bar.

Do at least one trick over the Red Bull Fridge

Find at least one natural feature that’s not part of the park

Jump as far as you can off of the Jump Ramp (and you only get one try)

The riders had no idea how these clips would be judged, but there was 1000€ prize money on the line that was provided by Red Bull Germany, so they knew that they had to step up and do something special if they wanted to take it home.

Anyone can turn up somewhere and film a cool clip, but the challenge list added an interesting element to the day, and each rider was required to think outside the box and get outside of their comfort zones. There was also a psychological side to this process, they could do simple tricks that would tick all the challenge boxes as quickly as they could, but simple tricks might not look that impressive in their edit. Landing hammers for each challenge would definitely be the better option overall, but it came with the risk of taking up too much time and them not being able to complete their lists. They didn’t actually know how these would be judged, so where they put their priorities was up to them. Some riders combined multiple challenges together (such as riding a line that included a 270 on the Vans Down Bar and a hit on the Red Bull Wall) while others went through their lists in a more methodical way. For some of them the harder tricks came surprisingly easy, while for others the tricks that should have been simple ended up taking half a day to complete. That’s just how snowboarding goes.

Make sure to check out all of the clips below, and vote for your favourite edit via the embedded voting tool at the bottom of this article. Voting ends on April 3rd!

Kevin Ignacia

Individual Challenges:

Switch BS tail press on the DFD rail: COMPLETE

Halfcab Nosepress on the A-Frame rail: COMPLETE

Combine at least 2 features in the park: COMPLETE

Wallie BS360 the Red Bull Wall: COMPLETE


Dominik Wagner

Individual Challenges:

BS 180 switch 50-50 switch BS360 revert on the donkey rail: COMPLETE

Haakon Flip out of the Red Bull Wall: COMPLETE

Do 4 different 270’s into rails: COMPLETE

Cab 270 frontboard to regular on the DFD rail: INCOMPLETE


Henrik Meyn

Individual Challenges:

Do 4 different 360’s over the Red Bull Fridge: COMPLETE

Alley-Oop BS Rodeo out of the Red Bull Wall: INCOMPLETE

Switch BS Lip Sameway on the Vans Down Bar: COMPLETE


Leon Vockensperger

Individual Challenges:

Find a spot to do a 720: COMPLETE

Find a spot to do a double: COMPLETE

Halfcab Nosepress or FS180 Switch Nosepress the Vans Down Bar: COMPLETE


Simon Pircher

Individual Challenges:

4 Different pretzels out of rails: COMPLETE

Jam-to-Jam on the A Frame Rail: COMPLETE

BS Lip Pretzel the DFD: INCOMPLETE


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