Moon Park Battles - Behind the Scenes Recap Clip

Take a look behind the scenes of the inaugural Moonpark Video Battle, hosted by Benny Urban at his DIY spot just outside Innsbruck.

Dominik Wagner, Kevin Ignacia, Henrik Meyn, Leon Vockensperger and Simon Pircher were each given a whole day at Moon Park to film a 60-second phone clip, which they had to edit and submit by midnight of the same day. How they filmed and edited was up to them, but within those 60 seconds, they also had to complete various challenges. Some of these challenges were mandatory for all riders, while others were more tailored to their specific riding styles and abilities.

After a solid round of public voting, it was Kevin Ignacia who took the win, and took home 1000€ cash!

If you somehow missed any of the edits, you can catch them HERE