Rock A Rail 2019 - Photos and Recap

Words by Theo Acworth

Photos by Will Radula-Scott and Theo Acworth.

Rock A Rail has once again swept through Den Haag, and the 2019 edition did not disappoint. We had a stacked international field of both men and women, and everyone threw down for a packed crowd in the Grote Markt.

Niels Schack entertaining with style.

I’d never been to this event before but I had heard a lot of good things about it, and I wasn’t disappointed. The beautiful Grote Markt was packed on all sides, and the trees were also full of lovely Christmas lights, ideal for those who had eaten mushrooms. The atmosphere of this event was amazing, and it also didn’t rain! It was a pure session from start to finish, and the international field of men and women provided non stop entertainment and stoke. Coming out on top for the ladies was local 15 year old ripper Melissa Peperkamp, the grinning Henna Ikola in 2nd place, followed by the silky smooth Miyon34 in 3rd. Benny Milam took the top spot for the men with some effortless looking moves, with Jesse Augustinus in 2nd and Roope Rautianen in 3rd. There was also an evenly split prize purse between the men and women, which is exactly how things should be.

We had two and only... Henry Jackson and Tom Kingsnorth on the Livestream.

Even though there were winners, this sort of event isn’t really about winning, it’s a gathering of snowboarders, organised by snowboarders. Perfect evidence of this was Simon Pircher’s savage gap backlip off the a-frame rail. He was pulled into it multiple times, and brought the house down when he stuck it. BIG UP Rik and Marlon and everyone one else invloved for putting this awseome event together and having us all out, we’ll definitely be back, and you should be too. 

Elena Graglia going for the close out.
Halldor and Kas having a whale of a time.
Henna Ikola making a big name for herself.
Back 3 transfer over the A-frame from Johnny O'Connor.
Miyon34 with a frame-able front board and Niels getting loose at the end of the night.
Jesse Augustinus getting his home crowd hyped.
Ethan just saw something else crazy go down.
Something like this big gap on the A-Frame from Cees Wille.
Such a heavy line up of riders.
...and the crowd were just as awesome.
The champ Benny Milam was so solid on every feature. Made it look too easy.
Diggles and Bob, looking cool for the women's final.
Paula Benito took our vote for most stylish for sure.
DSCF7219_rockarail2019_willradulascott.jpg 1
The Men's Podium: Benny Milam 1st, Jesse Augustinus 2nd, Roope Rautianen 3rd.
DSCF7213_rockarail2019_willradulascott.jpg 1
Simon Pircher with the trick of the night, 5050 up the A-Frame to gap backlip the closeout.
DSCF7218_rockarail2019_willradulascott.jpg 1
Women's Podium: Melissa Peperkamp 1st, Henna Ikola 2nd, Miyon34 3rd.
RockaRail_ByTheoAcworthxMethod-1736a.jpg 1
Ethan Morgan poking one out for the crowd whilst Bucky downs another.