Moon Park - The beginnings of the Innsbruck DIY Spot

This is the story of "MOON PARK“. A "do-it-yourself“ Snowboard Spot in the European Alps. A group of friends creating something that they felt was missing in Snowboarding. A place to play, be creative and progress with no rules and boundaries. Benny Urban, the original instigator, the man with a dream to have his, and his friends, their own snowboard spot to shred, build, change up and generally have good time riding. The spot, close to Innsbruck, was premeditated with a collection of features built before the snow came, but once the first snowfall arrived the sessions have been on! Here's what's been going down...

Filmed and Edited by Alex Pfeffer

Snowboarding by Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Alex Tank, Sparrow Knox, Kas Lemmens, Simon Gschaider, Marc Swoboda, Ethan Morgan, Cees Wille, Halldor Helgason, Niels Schack, Kevin Ignacia, Gian Sutter, Christoph Schwarz

Additional Filming by Alex Tank, Benny Urban, Thomas Eckert

Super 8mm by Alex Pfeffer, Benny Urban

Still Photography by Theo Acworth

Thanks to Max Vieider, Sebi Springeth, Thomas Eckert, Kevin Ignacia, Raffael Kossmann, Alex Tank, Bruno Rivoire, Manuel Schmieder, Ben Sooprayen, Philipp Strauss, Arne Jessen, Fabi Lang, Knut Eliassen.

Supported by Vans, Red Bull, Nitro Snowboards

Produced by Benny Urban