K2 Snowboarding Introduce The Clicker X HB boot & binding system

SNOWBOARD BINDING RETHOUGHT: STEPPING INTO THE NEXT ERA With the newly developed ClickerTM X HB boot & binding system, K2 Snowboarding has set the standard in the step-in segment for this winter. Uncompromising comfort and real performance.

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Penzberg, September 2020 – "Click!“ This is how it sounds when you use the innovative ClickerTM X HB boot & binding system from K2 to start into the snowboarding day. Quick and effortless. With the ClickerTM X HB binding, K2 presents a brand-new step-in binding system for the winter season 20/21, which makes time-consuming strapping in while sitting down a thing of the past - all without having to sacrifice the familiar performance of a traditional snowboard binding. K2 offers two new men's boots and one new women's boot, perfectly matched to the ClickerTM X HB binding.
While the rest is still sitting in the snow and busy with buckling up, as a ClickerTM rider, you already enjoy the first turns and can fully appreciate the essence of snowboarding.

For over thirty years, the K2 Snowboarding team has been developing innovative products for dedicated snowboarders around the world. Whether on the slopes or in the backcountry, season after season, it is all about having more fun with each turn and perfecting the unique feeling of gliding through the snow. Step-in bindings are a giant leap forward to make snowboarding even more enjoyable for many people.
Already in 1995, K2 Snowboarding went to the market with the first ClickerTM binding. Since the binding neither had straps nor a highback to give the rider support, the stability had to come entirely from the snowboard boot itself. Over the years, the system has been continuously developed and has now reached the next evolutionary stage in the ClickerTM X HB Boot & Binding System.

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"The key to a successful ClickerTM binding lies within boot technology. This is where we invested in development early on. Over the years, the fit, durability, and performance of K2 Boots have made us one of the most successful snowboard boot brands globally. We were the first brand to win BOA® as a partner, and their technology has enabled us to continue to improve our boots to perfection". - Nigel Steere, K2 Engineering Team, USA

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With the new ClickerTM X HB boot & binding system, K2 Snowboarding has now set another important milestone in the development of step-in bindings. The boots' technologies and the connecting elements of the new ClickerTM X HB have been optimized, and the binding has been equipped with a highback. The advantage of the highback is to provide the snowboarder with the trusted hold and performance that he knows from a traditional binding.
The new system is only complete with the right snowboard boot.
Maysis ClickerTM x HB, Boundary ClickerTM X HB, and Kinsley ClickerTM x HB are equipped with the ClickerTM X Outsole. The three new boots were entirely designed to meet the requirements of the step-in system.
"We have achieved the goal we were aiming for with our ClickerTM X HB binding: the comfort of a step-in binding and the ride and feel of a traditional strap binding with sufficient flexibility and perfect support" - Nigel Steere, K2 Engineering Team, USA.


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The brand-new ClickerTM X HB is THE step-in binding for demanding snowboarders who refuse to sacrifice comfort and performance for convenience. The women's and men's versions of the binding feature two metal cleats, similar to the click pedals used on bikes. They not only hold the boot securely in the binding but also allow quick and direct edge to edge turns, thanks to accurate power transmission. The lateral mobility is maintained and provides a familiar flex and feel with every ride. Thanks to the tool-less forward lean adjustability, the binding can be quickly aligned to the correct position even on the slope. The 3° canted footbed helps to maintain an anatomically correct position and relieves the joints. The highback gives the boot the necessary support in the calves' area, allowing it to be more flexible and comfortable without sacrificing performance.

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The perfect step-in binding meets the number 1 in snowboard boots!
The Maysis ClickerTM X HB is exactly the right boot for all shredders who are not only looking for comfort but also don't want to miss out on function. From two metal cleats for secure binding connection to the BOA Conda heel hold system and a heat-moldable Intuition Control Foam liner: This boot is the perfect blend of comfort and performance where nothing is left behind!
Only compatible with a Clicker X HB binding.

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What makes a perfect snowboard boot? Warmth? Comfort? Fit? Performance? Style? - the answer is simple: All of this together!
The K2 Kinsley ClickerTM X HB keeps your heel and toes snug in place and features a comfortable, heat-moldable Intuition Control Foam liner and the all- new H4/M3 zonal BOA Fit System to help you always find the perfect fit.
Only compatible with a ClickerTM X HB binding.

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Find the perfect fit and get into your binding with ease and comfort! The K2 Boundary ClickerTM X HB features an adaptable H3/M4 Ozonal BOA Fit System, a tough 3-point harness for optimized heel hold and support plus an Intuition Control Foam 3D liner for maximum comfort and an unparalleled fit. Only compatible with a ClickerTM X HB binding.

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