#laaxisniceyo Video Series - Teaser

7 episodes filmed and created by the crew at LAAX featuring all areas of the mountain from park to powder will be released throughout the next few months. Starting with the first one next week!

"LAAX is proud to present #laaxisniceyo - a new video series filmed during the 15/16 season. A total of seven different chapters will cover all aspects that make LAAX nice, yo! So what exactly does that entail? Just about anything you'd expect from a freestyle resort. An endless playground of backcountry terrain and powder runs, offering fresh mountain air and smiles all around. Countless miles of perfectly prepared pistes to cruise and carve on. The award-winning Snowpark and their shaper crew, specifically the notorious P60 run and its cast of colourful characters. And last but not least, the home of Nicolas Müller. Each #laaxisniceyo edit provides a look into the diverse stomping grounds offered in LAAX, featuring a cast of fun-loving local riders and shapers, pros and ams, girls and boys. Follow each chapter of the series on YouTube, with edits being released periodically throughout the fall."

Featuring: James Niederberger, Matthias Wattinger, Joelle Juchli, Lou Staub, Stéphanie Kauert, Christian Weber, Lucas Baume, Barbara Hanisch, Flo Arnold, Celia Petrig, Severin Van Der Meer, Isabella Groenestein, Nicholas Wolken, Nina Hochholdinger, Elio Fumagalli, Aurelia Amrein, Dario Burch, Nadine Müller, Luca Kuppelwieser, Joel Staub, Sina Candrian, Blume, Franziska Ettlin, Jah Harris, Leandro Eigensatz and Nicolas Müller