United Slopes Of America: Season 2 Ep1

 Desiree Melancon continues her quest to visit every ski resort in the United states. You didn't think she was gonna get to all of them in one winter do you? Well...no she's still got a few to go and first up is quite a well known one in the snowboard community starting at Brighton Resort in Utah where she met up with Jill Perkins, Nirvana Ortanez, and Marc O’Malley. Also on her travels she bumped into quite a few other friendly faces such as Bar Dadon, Nate Carrol, Jon Stark, Garrett Warnick, Bode Merrill, Justin Keniston, Christian Sparks, Gravedigger, Amanda Hankison, Katie Kennedy, Mike Rav, Paul Osborne, Pat Fava, Seth Huot and Parker Szumoswski.

Film and edit by Marc O’Malley