Absinthe X LAAX Mini Movie

How to make a killer shred edit over just a couple of days at a ski resort...

The Recipe: Take two cameramen – favourably the likes of Absinthe-Europe filmer David “Vlady” Vladyka and master lensman Lukas “Blume” Roesli – and send them to the hills to make some juice. The origin of the grapes is important here, so make sure to be in LAAX when performing this experiment. Squeeze the young blood from Max Buri and Severin Van Der Meer into this style-cocktail, and something pretty epic is bound to hit you in the back of the throat. Throw some foreign talent like Forest Bailey into the mix and the concoction becomes even more colourful. Add the seasoned wisdom and flavour of local mountain goat Nicolas Mueller and let the master guide your senses into a playground of sensational taste. For good measure, make sure to drop subtle hints of Hitsch Haller in there, not just for that extra spice but also to round out your palette. Really make it sparkle and pop. Finally, pour in some sunshine and powder, shake ‘er up nice (or stir, if you so prefer), put that shit on ice and serve it chilled. Frilly straws and funky umbrellas optional. Et voila!

Riders: Max Buri, Severin Van Der Meer, Christian "Hitsch" Haller, Nicolas Müller, Forest Bailey

Filmed by Vlady & Blume

Edited by Blume & Mathias Wittwer

Music: Mandible by Drumetrics