Atagge's Planetaria - Short Film

A film by Alexander Tank and Fabian Fuchs. Laax with the light down low featuring the snowboarding of Benny Urban, 
Dominik Wagner
, Alex Tank
, Max Buri
, Gido
, Chris Schwarz
, James Niederberger
, Sebi Springeth
, Simon Gschaider
, Taddäus Van Treeck, 
David Djite
, Elio Fumagalli, 
Lucas Baume, Florian Fischer, 
Severin Van Der Meer, 
Jeron Lohner
, Florian Geiger and 
Christoph Wagner.

Produced By Atagge

Motion Graphics By Fabian F. Fuchs

Director Of Photography: Alexander Tank
Camera: Elmar Bossard, Fabian Fuchs, Philipp Romppel, Gido, Christoph Schwarz

16mm: Mark Zoo Wiitanen

Music By
 Clark-Winter Linn 
 De Ambassade-Verloren

Stills Photography
 by Aaron Schwarz, 
Dominik Zimmerman, 
Christoph Schwarz and 
Luca Kuppelwieser.

Mix By Fabian Brosi

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