Last year the Rome crew brought Vermont boys Ralph Kucharek and Casey Savage together with Euro phenoms Len Jorgensen and Martin Laesser at Absolut for a week of riding. They lucked out with some of the only fresh snow of the year and certainly made the most of it. Its got everything from pow slashes, to crazy stunts, to consumption of Stiegls, and even some hot dog soup.

Words from the crew: "Planning a trip is always a mission in itself; pick the spot, talk to the crew, check the weather, get the tickets, check the weather, talk to the crew, etc etc etc etc. 

Last season we picked a window to get Len Jorgensen, Martin Laesser, Casey Savage and Ralph Kucharek together in Austria with the hopes of some deep turns and airtime. However, in the weeks leading up to the trip all of Europe was looking pretty low tide, like incredibly low tide. Like 'should we even do this' levels of low tide.

Thanks to a bit of blind faith, we stuck to the plan and got the gang over to Absolute with our fingers crossed. In a wild twist of fate, this was seemingly the only window of real snow that Austrian Alps saw last winter. We found ourselves in a snow globe for a few days while a storm cycle sat in the valley, bringing some great snow and top notch viiiiibes. That friends, is simply Wunderbar."

Filmed and edited by Devin Bernard.