Bad Plans X Mushroom Crew Rail jam

This was the third annual Fonna Rail jam put on by the rad dudes of Bad Plans and Mushroom Crew and it did not dissapoint. Even with a bit of bad weather the riders came out to kill it and take home some prize cash! In the end this was the top 3 to step up on to the podium:

1. Eirik Nesse
2. Håvard Roald
3. Aleksander Klerud

Best chick: Dina Treland Nesse

Surprise rider of the day: Mr. Shades

Filming by Sigurd Vaagland, Stian Karlsen and Håkon Haslum

Edit by Sigurd Vaagland

Music by Torbjørn Frisnes

Huge thanks to Dinosaurs Will Die, Airblaster, Gnarly, Fix Bindings, Crab Crab, Chris Baldry and of course Fonna for making this possible!