Snowboy Production - The High Project 2021

Year six of The Projects by Snowboy Production brings them to sunny California to team up with next level shred and long time collaborator, Jesse Paul in his new role in the Marketing Department at Mountain High. As always really cool features that have never been seem before along with super creative riders to do whatever they can think of on them. Always guaranteed to be amazing. Here's a peak at what went down at The High Project!

Riders in order of appearance: Brandon Davis, Pat Fava, Mike Skiba, Tony Wagner, Christine Savage, Ari Morrone, Casey Pflipsen, Nolan, Eli Lamm, Nate Haust, Nial Romanek, Keoni Kaimuloa, Jeep Eddy, Castro, Garrett Warnick, Kyle Lopiccolo, Michael Throck and Jesse Paul

Big ups to everyone at Mountain High, Arbor Snowboards, 10 Barrel Brewing, Ikanik Farms,, Val Surf and COAL Headwear for making it possible.

Filmed and edited by Derek Weimer.Additional filming by Thomas Haraden, Robbie Weides, Ashley-Dawn Byrd, Gabe Negron, Paul Romero, Andrew Percival and Buzz Olson.