ColdWave 2019 - Episode 2

With an international helping of riders including Forest Bailey, Louif Paradis and Craig Cameron up at Chamrousse the 2nd episode of the ColdWave series this year is a banger. All the usuals showed up for sunny days and cold night to put down the hammers.

Filmed on the Chamrousse Sunset Park. Supported by Ride Snowboards, Da Kine, MerciDistillery et Chamrousse.

Riders : Forest Bailey, Louif Paradis, Craig Cameron, Peter Cerulo, Brendan Hart, Pierrot Scafidi, Guilhem Apilli, Gustin Masson, Sofian Gobillot, Basile Rameau, Bastien Sturma, Nico Palladio, Théo Duparc

Filming, editing and music : Max Vialle

Aditional filming : Thomas Vigoureux, Julien Mounier