Dropping In - Halldór Helgason

We dropped in on Halldór Helgason in Reykjavik while he was filming for ‘We’re Losers 2’ with the Lobster snowboards team. The day begins at the ‘Ledge of Death’, a spot that he and his brother Eiki first scoped 19 years ago when the Wildcats visited Iceland, before anyone knew who the Helgasons even were. The clips they filmed with the crew on that trip launched their careers, and almost two decades later, Eiki finally stepped to the spot and ticked it off his list, getting the ender for his part. We then moved on to a ‘mellow closeout’ and had to hustle with the build in fading light, but Halldór got his shot in the last few minutes of sun, closing out an epic trip. 

Film: Kuske
Edit: Theo Acworth
Photography: Theo Acworth