We Are Losers 2 - Full movie

We are losers 2 is finally there! This is the new Lobster team movie and it is an absolute blast! Losers, winners, who cares? We're all snowboarders anyway...


Deep words from Hillary: "We decided to make a movie with no expectation and no pressure other than getting on trips together and having a good time, so as long as this movie gets you hyped to go snowboarding then we are pumped."

Featuring Lobster creamers:

- Halldor Helgason

- Eiki Helgason

- Hrund “Hundi” Hanna

- Fridge Tischendorf

- Sparrow Knox

- Frank Bourgeois

- Birkir “Bucky” Georgsson

- Juho Laine

...................and more.

Shot on location in Iceland, Norway, France, Estonia, Canada, Austria, Finland and more.

Created by Kristofer “Kuske Fahlgren

With the help of many, many, many talented and awesome human beings.