Expand the Net - Full video

This is "Expand the Net" by Staybasket and you're gonna want to be part of that crew after watching this... And you know what? It might happen because they are growing every year as they expand their net more and more. So be nice with them and you might fit into this rad thick group of individuals ripping all over Oslo and beyond. Who knows?

Words from the crew:

"Stay Basket has always been about giving the homies an opportunity of being in a full length snowboard movie like we all dreamed about when we were kids watching movies the get hyped for the hill. 

Expand the net is about expanding our passion and vision of how we see snowboarding by bringing different creative and amazing people together. Expanding this threw new and old homies linking up together, from all over the world. Look at it as a crime seen map, but just the whole world, all this pin points of persons around the world with the wire pointing to one hotspot, and the hot spot being Oslo. All these humans go to the exact same location and make something insane together, before they later expand to the rest of the world with this snowboard movie they made. 

We're all in this together and let us expand this simulation of life."


Alex Klerud
Simon Houlind
Rasmus Nielsen
Toby Himmelstrup
Grant Giller
Fabian Fraidl
Emil Mo
Niklas Vogt
Pauli Steindl
Joakim Boldo
Karen Suppras
Endre Brynildsen
Kasper Brattested
Thomas Hubert

Edited By
Alex Klerud