Volcom Spot to Spot 2022 in Avoriaz - Recap Video

What a way to kick off the season! 

Volcom Spot to Spot 3rd edition was the first version to run over 2 days in the French resort of Avoriaz. And what a smart move that was, cause on day one we were graced with fog thicker than Arctic winter darkness. Yet, in spite of a total whiteout, the riders threw down an incredible level of riding during the Rail Jam.

Come evening, it was time for the long awaited Creedlecosm premiere, followed by dinner, where France smashing England in the World Cup was part of the side show. Eventually, everyone made it to the “The Place” where Double Cheese put on a mind-bending gig, leading to surprisingly many stripping their shirts and joining the raging mosh pit. By 5am, most made it home but not everyone….
Day 2 greeted us with the bluest of blue skies and temperature’s dropping to – 20°C (– 4°F) on top of the mountain. Nevertheless, riders soldiered through and put on an impressive show during the Side Hits Challenge and Speed check. 
Lunch was served in form of outstanding burritos and beer at prize giving, before we moved on the final challenge of Spot to Spot 2022: the Pro Feature – a 3D Volcom Stone placed on top of a pyramid of snow, enabling riders to approach it from every angles.

Thanks to everyone who joined the party and to our partners Avoriaz, Capita Snowboards, Electric Eyewear, Union Bindings, Act Magazine, Method Mag, Hideout hostels, Rock On Snow, Woodbrass, and Ocean52. 

Video: Will Graham & Lionel Simon
Music: "Bite It" - Double Cheese

“Competition” results:


Pro Women: Winner Maisie Hill – 500€ | Runner Up Enni Rukajarvi – 300€

Pro Men: Winners Moritz Amsüss, Simon Pircher & Moritz Thönen – 800€/3 = 266,66666€

Ams Women : Winner Sophie Addison | Runner Up Anais Bertagnon

Ams Men: Winner Spencer Frize | Runner Up Dzené Coiquaud



Pro Women: Winner Noémie Equy – 700€ | Runner Up Zoé Roffi – 300€ 

Pro Men: Winner Andre Höflich – 700€ | Runner Up Moritz Amsüss – 300€ 

Ams Women: Winner Maisie Potter | Runner Up Cécile Baratay



Women: Enni Rukajarvi – 700€

Men: Grant Giller – 700€


SPEED CHECK: Matéo Lugrin – 103km/h

ELECTRIC HYPE OF THE EVENT: Moritz Amsüss – 500€