Falling Leaf - Bonzone 2018

It doesn't get much more of a creative setup that at Upper Bone Zone at Brighton Resort! Filmed in 3 weeks throughout the end of the preseason before snow started to bury the park everyone head up to the spot to send it on all the crazy and creative features, sometimes it went well, sometimes not so well...but that didn't stop anyone.

Featuring - 
Brandon Reis
Chris Beresford
Jesse Paul
Max Tokunaga
Chris Grenier
Jill Perkins
Pat Fava
Kyle Neinhouse
Jeff Holce
Cody Warble
Reid Smith
Robby Meehan
Sam Wittke
Benny Urban
Nirvana Ortanez
Tucker Brown
TJ Homan
Austin Lameroux
Ted Borland
Nils Arvidsson
Phil Hansen
Brendan Sullivan

Filmed by - 
Ted Borland
Paul Osborne
Ryan Finder