NITRO T1 x FFF Snowboard - Team Edit

T1 x FFF 

A collaboration between friends.

Team riders Benny Urban, Dominik Wagner, Simon Gschaider, and Nils Arvidsson reached out to their friend and artist, Fabian F. Fuchs x FFF, to create a new take on the legendary T1 snowboard and graphic.

To celebrate and showcase this collaboration, the team went to Iceland for an unforgettable snowboard trip to enjoy the long nights in the streets. Sit back and get inspired to explore the snowy streets with your friends.

The T1 x FFF is now available in stores.

Filmed by:
Alex Pfeffer, Karsten Boysen and Fabian F. Fuchs (FFF)

Edited by:
Fabian F. Fuchs (FFF)

Music by:
Yves Ardelt

Photo by: 
Markus Rohrbacher