Giro x Mammoth – Poacher's Pipe Edit

Well the Mammoth park crew had already made most of the mountain into a crazy air-time filled playground for the Superpark 21 event so what's one more crazy big feature... This feature was a huge hip sandwiched between to walls of a short halfpipe. So the Giro team could send it off the hip and then on landing, either side, had a quarter pipe to get some additional air out off or plant one on the skate coping box on top. It's fair to say they all stepped it up and went big!

Edit featuring Giro riders: Brandon Davis, Darcy Sharpe, Gabe Ferguson, Maddie Mastro, Nils Mindnich & Sebbe De Buck
And guest poachers: Denver Orr, Kix Kamp, Scott Blum & Tyler Flanagan

Filming by: Nathan Avila, Gimbal God, Seth Huot & Kevin Westenbarger
Special thanks to: Mammoth Mountain & Mammoth Unbound park crew!

Music by King Tuff / Song: Sun Medallion / LP: Was Dead