GET BUCK - Full movie

Step into Sebbe De Buck's journey from the flat lands of Belgium to the steepest lines of Alaska. "Get Buck" is a 16mm snowboard short film directed by his close friend Willem Jones. It follows Sebbe around the globe and into his current state of mind and it's a true pleasure for the eyes. Well done boys!

RIDERS // Sebbe De Buck / Carlos Garcia Knight / Kevin Backstrom / Tor Lundström / Ulrik Badertscher / Sage Kotsenburg / Nils Midnich / Kaishu Hirano / Spencer Schubert.

Producer: Sebbe De Buck
Director: Willem Jones
DOP: Willem Jones
Film Editing: Joris Willems
Colorist: Oliver Schmocker
Title Design: Power Tools
Sound Studio: Sonhouse

Supported by:
Monster Energy,
Beyond Medals,
K2 Snowboarding,
DC Snowboarding.