Giro Presents "Distant Relatives - Christian Haller"

The “Distant Relatives” series from Giro continues, where they travel to a new place and lean on a key local to show them the goods. In their newest video, “Distant Relatives – Christian Haller” they went to LAAX to experience what a week with friends is like for the 29-year-old pipe-turned-backcountry rider (a.k.a. Hitsch). 

Hitsch grew up in Engadine Valley in Switzerland, where he learned how to ride hitting the side-country there and they couldn’t wait to experience what the area has to offer through him as their guide. 

LAAX is known for its big freestyle community, international snowboarding contests, the largest halfpipe in Europe, beautiful geography, and bringing riders from all over the world together. But, as the snow gods would have it, there wasn’t a ton of fresh snow in the two weeks that they were there. 

That didn’t stop Christian from showing the stylish slow-motion king, Sebbe De Buck, speedy and fearless Nils Mindnich, and the Giro crew a good time at and around LAAX—whether it was hiking the pipe, building out-of-bounds kickers, hitting up the club, playing sting pong, or just making some nice turns and indulging in a cold one after!

Chekc out our exclusive interview with Hitsch Haller HERE.

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