Griffin Siebert's Super 8 Loften Islands Journal

Griffin's memories of a magical trip to the Loften Islands... "Super 8 Journals are a way for me to recap amazing trips with incredible friends new and old, and to have complete creative freedom to get weird. Look out for more in the future."

Featuring Bryan Fox, Dominik Wagner, Elias Elhardt, Benny Urban, Ludde Biltoft, Griffin Siebert, Jeremy Thornburg, Jan Scherrer, Knut Eliasen, Bob Plumb, Basti Rittig and more.

This footage was filmed by Jeremy Thornburg on a trip to the Lofoten Islands in Norway with Nitro Snowboards back in the spring of 2018.

Shot on a Canon 310XL & Iphone 7

Up on The Sun - by Meat Puppets

Johnny 99 - Bruce Springsteen