Nitro Snowboards Presents "CAKE" Movie

Nitro presents their first double feature full-length film project.

LAYERS “The unintentional culture of snowboarding” and CAKE

Nitro Snowboards proudly presents its 2-year video project co-produced by Red Bull Media House, Layers & Cake, with Pablo Film, and Karsten Boysen.

Layers “The Unintentional Culture of Snowboarding” and Cake “A Nitro Snowboards Film” provide a quick insight into the current state of global snowboarding through a documentary film format to a classic action/adventure snowboard film. It is impossible to showcase all the layers of snowboarding in one project. Still, this double feature will hopefully inspire veteran snowboarders and non-snowboarders to look deeper and discover the Layers and joys of snowboarding on their own.

The Layers of snowboarding support the current state of snowboarding, and these layers allow the professionals to go out and make the visual Cake for all of us in the snowboard community to enjoy! The deeper the layers, the better the Cake.

Cake is a Nitro snowboards film by Karsten Boysen, co-produced by Red Bull Media House.