Høvdingen av Høgevarde - Recap video

It's that time of the year where spring DIY sessions pop out on every slushy face of the northern hemisphere like mushrooms in a wet forest... This one however feels pretty special. Probably because it seems like a well balanced mix between a fun set up and some fairly stupid challenges...

You can check out for yourself but after reading this and watching this recap video there's a fair chance you'll wish you were there and will seriously think of joining next year...

Words by the Worshipful Master of the Mushroom Crew:

"I greet you well.

I will now tell you the tale from the marvelous adventure, Høvdingen av Høgevarde (the chief of Høgevarde)

The battlegrounds had been shaped, the edges sharpened and heads were ready to roll. It was set for a perfect day. Sun was shining and adrenaline was high from just looking at the setup. 

Capture d’écran 2023-04-27 à 11.29.30.png
© @twentyoneburt - The set up and an orange Lenny Jorgensen


This unique setup had been finely tuned over the course of 4 days. By the legendary hands of The Mushroom Crew and GaustaGang combined. With everything from big machine built bowls to hand dug roadgaps. The field of battle had it all. Now it was up to the warriors to put their mark on it. 

Capture d’écran 2023-04-27 à 11.32.23.png
© @evenbrekke  - Alek Oestreng warming up


Cuts and slashes were spread around the mountain. Palm prints from various plants were found on top of quarterpipes. Gaps and transitions didn’t stand a chance against the mighty force of the shredders. The fearsome clan of boarders included the phenomenon Marcus Kleveland, mad man Krish Lerånd and shred freak Len Jorgensen.

Capture d’écran 2023-04-27 à 11.39.35.png 2
© @evenbrekke  - Marcus Kleveland battling hard 
Capture d’écran 2023-04-27 à 11.55.07.png
© @[email protected]  - Oyvind is one hell of a contender as well!


The time had come to decide who took the beast down. Votes were counted and the top 3 champions had been chosen. In 3rd with his sharp eyes and quick legs, Jacob Tessand. 2nd was the seasoned veteran with his mighty beard, Alek Oestreng. 1st place with his shirt off and do or die approach, Øyvind Kirkhus. Our queen with an impeccable sense of style and grace, Silja Sundsfjord

Capture d’écran 2023-04-27 à 11.36.12.png
© @evenbrekke  - Krisitan Skjomming racing fully blind, well that looks like a brillant idea!


The chief, Kristian Skjømming now rises from his throne. Ready to face the challengers. 4 gladiators ready for the 5 challenges. Beer chugging, archery, wrestling, blind carving and last but not least, the @ooohhhyyyeeeaaahhh ski. It was a close fight, Alek and Skjømming had to battle it out with a armwrestle. In the end Skjømming showed everyone why’s he was and still is the chief. 

Capture d’écran 2023-04-27 à 11.43.50.png
© @twentyoneburt  - Alek fighting till the end...


Big thanks Høgevarde for setting such a perfect stage, Session for helping us making it happen, Megajoink for the incredible artwork and Revir for the chieftain axe. Big Sam the law man aka Samuel Ærø made sure everyone had a good time.

Capture d’écran 2023-04-27 à 11.42.16.png
© @twentyoneburt  - Kristian the victor


All hail chief Skjømming! Again!

Believe me your most loyal servant and humble petitioner
Mushroom Crew"