HCSC 2016: Session 1 Recap

High Cascade Snowboard Camp turned the lifts on last week up at Mt. Hood for the first Signature Session™ for Pros Austen Sweetin, Erik Leon, Forest Bailey and Johnny O’Connor. Not that they got much 'air time' in front of the lens as the camp was packed full of fresh meat, hammering the camp's features along side well known regulars such a Mike Rav, Austin Smith and Red Gerard making the most of the ideal conditions. 

Featuring: Mike Rav, Parker Szumowski, Max Tokunaga, Max Warbington, Brendon Rego, Red Gerard, Peter Limberg, Cullen Berklau, Bar Dadon, Christian Sparks, Kevin Court, Austen Sweetin, Cooper Whittier, Josh Cherner (Camper!), Dusty Miller, Jackie Lammert, Ben Bilodeau, Al Grogan, Max Lyons, Brendan Hart, Amanda Hankinsin, Austin Ford, and Jed Sky

Filmed by: Tyler Orton, Seamus Foster, Brent McCaron, and Jacob Howell 
Edited by: Tyler Orton