HCSC 2016: Session 3 Recap

Week 3 up at High Cascade marks the halfway point for the summer camps up at Mt. Hood. This week saw the return of the Drink Water Rat Race, some shitty weather but without fail a whole lot of tranquil shredding at the highest level.

Featuring the snowboarding of Freddy Perry, Brendon Rego, Luke Patrick, Joey Fava, Jack Harris, Gabe Ferguson, Max Lyons, Dru Brownrigg, Max Warbington, Alex Rodway, Mike Ravelson, Pete Limberg, Luke Winkelmann, Shaun Murphy, Pat Fava, Christian Hobush, Jesse Paul, and Jed Sky.

Filmed: Tyler Orton, Seamus Foster, Brent McCarron, and Jacob Howell.
Edit: Tyler Orton