HCSC 2016: Session 5 Recap

The Flowiest of the flow...Session 5 has hit new levels. Jam packed with some of the most stylish riders on this snow, this edit just flows with banger after banger from a huge list of riders that cam out for the penultimate Signiture Sessions.

Featuring: Joe Sexton, Jed Sky, JJ Westbury, Cody Beiersdorf, Jed Anderson, Parker Szumowski, Colin Wilson, Jesse Paul, Christian Sparks, Ben Bilodeau, Blake Paul, Jordan Small, Jake Kuzyk, Cooper Whittier, Jesse Gouveia, Bar Dadon, Austin Ford, Tommy Gesme, Agustus Warbington, Demetri Bales, Jill Perkins, Luke Winkelman, Max Warbington, and Miles Fallon 

Filmed by: Tyler Orton, Seamus Foster, Rj McNichols, jacob Howell, and Brent McCarron 

Edited by: Tyler Orton