HCSC 2018: Session 4 Recap

Session 4 is done for but this week certainly was a doozy. The campers had a chance to ride in the lane with Signature Session™ Pros Desiree Melancon, Chris Grenier, Scott Stevens and Jesse Burtner. The Salomon team stopped by to enjoy some of the best weather they'd experienced all summer and effortlessly made their presence known with the roster that they brought through. On top of it all, our Photo Workshop™ campers captured nearly every moment of the session with help from their teachers Darcy Bacha, Tim Zimmerman, and Andy Wright. There is still another session to go before they put the cherry on top of summer 2018!

Featuring : Brendon Rego, Scott Stevens, Liam Doyle, Brandon Sorel, Brandon Kirkland, Sean Neary, Chris Grenier, Desiree Melancon, Denver Orr, Dustin Cruz, Jordan Morse, Keegan Hosefros, Ryan Paul, and Drayden Gardner 

Filmed by: Brent McCarron, Jake Howell, Kyle Murray, Marc O'Malley and Miles Perreault

Edited by: Brent McCarron