Summer Vacation - Salomon Snowboards at Mt. Hood

A solid week of sunshine and glacier gliding with the Salomon Snowboards Team. Skateboards, campfires, kitchen tattoos, Charlie’s, BBQ’s, and nail-biting games of ‘muff’ and ‘knockout’ brought the team together, building upon lasting friendships and creating new ones with riders from across the globe. Featuring Toni Kerkela, Pat Fava, Jesse Paul, Louif Paradis, Bode Merill, Desiree Melancon, Sebi Springeth, Harrison Gordon, Frank Belanger, Judd Henkes, Maddie Mastro, Emma Crosbi, Elena Graglia, Chris Grenier, Finn Westbury, Seb Picard, Riley Nickerson, Luke Lund and Conrad Yamamoto. That's a heavy team right there!

Video by Marco Morandi