Keep Moving Forward - Full edit

'Keep Moving' Forward builds on Salomon's project from last year titled ‘Moving Forward’. The video features riding from Nils Mindnich, Johan Nordhag, Blake Moller, and Luke Lund.

Filmed by Tyler Orton with photography by Jack Dawe and Michael Nauman. 

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© Jack Dawe  - Moving for spots

The entire video was shot between Brighton and Powder Mountain, all lift accessible terrain, emphasizing the all-mountain capabilities of these boards, “from the backside to the frontside, while hitting every side hit and wind lip along the way.” Essentially, elevated resort riding including in-bounds and side-country. No sleds, crazy missions, or inaccessible terrain to the average boarder. 

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© Jack Dawe  - Power turn for Nils
Capture d’écran 2023-11-28 à 15.19.02.png
© Jack Dawe  - Dr Nordhag messing with the laws of physics
Capture d’écran 2023-11-28 à 15.21.46.png
© Michael Nauman  - Blake's after bonk
Capture d’écran 2023-11-28 à 15.36.40.png
© Jack Dawe  - Luke building generational bridges


Nils Mindnich
Blake Moller
Luke Lund
Johan Nordhag

Directed by Tyler Orton
Sound by Thom Pringle

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© Jack Dawe  - Goodbye