Salomon Snowboards Presents 'Moving Forward'

Follow Blake, Victor, Nils, Emma, and Toni as they move through the resorts, sidecountry, and backcountry of Switzerland and Norway, putting the new Highpath through the paces the entire way. 

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© Michel Lafleur  - Toni leading the way...

Words by Salomon: Moving Forward is more than a video. It’s what we do on our snowboards and it’s how we learn from past experiences. It’s a process. It’s how we intend to grow as a brand, by reducing our impact each year as we learn more about innovations in sustainable materials and development. The Highpath board and Echo boot represent the first step in this forward motion for Salomon. Utilizing our most sustainable construction to date, these products signify a new benchmark in our efforts to design high performance, low impact gear. So, here’s to moving forward every day, on board and off. 

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© Julien Perly  - Speed is key
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© Julien Perly  - Blake Moller tweakin' that bs 1 tail
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© Julien Perly  - Nils popping that fs 3 out that rock 

Directed by super talented Tom Granier

Blake Moller
Victor Daviet
Nils Mindnich
Emma Crosby
Toni Kerkela 

Filmed in Switzerland and Norway

Powered by Salomon snowboards

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© Michel Lafleur  - The Highpath

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