LA River "Its Cold In Norway" Tour Hits Up Rjukan

The RIVERGANG were on Tour through Feburary last winter hitting up cities and towns for the best street spots in Norway. In this edit they arrive in Rjukan and start off by finding the perfect downrail to session and everyone gets stacks of shots. To be fair this town looked like a shredders dream, they hit so many sick spots from wall drops to double rail lines as well as a bunch of unique spots, all covered it plenty of fresh snow.

Jessi Blackwell, Tobias Himmelstrup, Birkir Georgsson, Haakon Eilertsen, Øivind Fykse, Rasmus Nielsen, Eirik Nesse, Sune Busch 

Primary Filmer: Andreas Jacobsen
Additional Filmer: Øivind Fykse and the rest of the GANG! 

Editor: Øivind Fykse. 
Graphic Designer: Rasmus Nielsen.