DBC - Something about the streets

The prime time of the year when the snow is falling and the surroundings are covered with white powder. The fact of knowing that you are able to take your board and just go outside, hit the spots you've been thinking about all summer and get the satisfaction of snow under your feet. A place where you are able to express yourself...

That's exactly how these riders feel and think and this project is based on the basics such as pushing snow, meet up at the spot, shovel of your choice, ok camera quality and do not forget the coffee. 

Recorded in Oslo, Rjukan and Lillehammer. 

Eirik Nesse
Jonas Steen
Øivind Fykse

Filmed by:
Martin Strøm
Andreas Grong
Eirik Nesse
Lilly Murud
Øivind Fykse

Created by Øivind Fykse // DBC 
Song: Charles Bradley - Ain't It A Sind