The L.A River - Its Cold In Norway Tour

When the Gang is not gathered for THE L.A RIVER FUCK MY LIVER time, they have the FAMILYFIGHT!

We're guessing this ain't spring time becasue it looks absolutely freezing!

"The combo of games, shred time, who's having the most fun and fights over who didn´t do the fucking dishes, or some other wack shit. We had the pleasure to ride a park made by the best of the best in the buizz, SHAPECREW at Vierli Terrengpark, Norway. It was a super good time, and we recommend that place with 5 big stars." - LA River Crew

Riders: Tobias Himmelstrup, Jessi Blackwell, birkir georgsson, haakon eilertsen, Rasmus Nielsen, Eirik Nesse, Øivind Fykse,

Filming: Andreas Jacobsen aka. Shredmaster

Editing: Rasmus Nielsen aka. JAHLIFE