Lib Tech presents their 23/24 experiMENTAL Dream Boards collection!!

They've been busy handcrafting a whole new line of the world's best dream boards fueled by a culture of experimentation decades in the making and driven by Lib Tech Rippers, artists and crafters chasing dreams of a life well spent. Follow the thread of their experiMENTAL dreams from their origins as a ZERO HAZARDOUS WASTE American manufacturer to their industry shifting snowboard design innovations and on to new exciting tech and boards...future dreams for future generations. Join them for the best winter yet; whether it's in your backyard, your local rope tow, green circle, blue square, black diamond, banked slalom, 9 stair, Chair 9, triple kink, butter pad, booter, groomer, untouched glade, unridden peak or dropping into the Natural Selection finals...

Along the new boards dropping check out this tight edit that will get you in the mood for the upcoming winter...

Video features Lib Tech Rippers Jamie Lynn, Travis Rice, Austen Sweetin, Chris Rasman, Eric Jackson, Katie Kennedy, Brandon Reis, Liam Gill, Matteo Soltane and Phil Hansen.

Song is "It's Shoved" by the Melvins

Filmed and edited by Sean Lucey

Additional filming by Tim Stanford, Kevin Nolan and Al Grogan


New collection right here: