Lobster Snowboards' Cream Week at Hintertux

Every season Lobster Snowboards try and get most of the team together at a not so random place in the universe to taste cheese, act out scenes from Shakespeare, bake cakes, debate Kant´s moral philosophy and maybe do some snowboarding while having the most fun humanly possible. This is Cream Week and this is that edit. Enjoy.

Riders: Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason, Fridge, Baldur Vilhelmsson, Frank Bourgeois, Sparrow Knox, Max de Vries, Zoltán Strcula, Juho Laine, Hrund Hanna, Gimp Man, Julien L’Arrgos

Filmers: Kuske and Christian Bjönnes

Photography: Friends and riders