Marcus Kleveland - Miniature Pro Model

Marcus Kleveland surprises us again with what he is capable of doing no matter the size of his board! Testing his new board first in a kids version and than in his official Pro Model board sizes really makes us wonder from which planet he's from...

Words from Knut Eliassen:

"Last season, Marcus suggested that instead of releasing just his pro model board, it would be rad to make an edit with him riding a kid´s 86cm board with his new graphic at his home mountain, Dombås, Norway. It seemed like a rad idea, but little did we know he would go all in with his best friend and filmer, Petter Ulsletten, and come out with the most insane timeline of mini board footage, including an NBD Backside 1080 Double Cork Cannon Ball on the mini board. In true Marcus Kleveland fashion, all of this was filmed in 2 days."

Filmed on location at his home mountain of Dombås, Norway and filmed by his best friend Petter Ulsletten @petterulsletten

Video by Petter Ulsletten

Of course this video comes with some news:

Nitro snowboards introduces the Team Pro x Marcus Kleveland snowboard

Capture d’écran 2023-11-28 à 12.00.22.png


And Team Pro TLS x Marcus Kleveland snowboard boot, designed by Marcus himself for freestyle riders everywhere!

Capture d’écran 2023-11-28 à 12.00.51.png


Find out more about the Team Pro x MK snowboard HERE