Shredders’ 540INDY Invitational — the first-ever virtual snowboarding contest

Shredders proudly presents the 540INDY Invitational, the first-ever virtual snowboarding contest. Watch the world’s best Shredders ride their steeziest lines down the 540INDY Slopestyle course to impress a top jury of pro snowboarders.

A freshly shaped mega snowboard park has been created on the Shredders world were riders from all over the world able to let loose and impress the Shredders team by uploading their best runs for the chance to be picked for the ultimate final judged live by reknowned pros Zeb Powell, Sebbe De Buck, Leanne Pelosi and Marcus Kleveland. 8 finalist were choosen, given 2 runs each to put it down, here's how it played out.... 

Powered with tons of love by 540INDY, Nitro, and Beyond Medals. Hosted by none other than Knut Eliassen and Stan Leveille.

*Fast forward to 37.34 mins in the video to watch the competition kick off.